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Jungle Gym - Original Artwork - 5x7 Inches (Unframed)

$40.00 / Coming Soon

Jungle Gym
Collaborative Drawing with Frances Marin
5 x 7"
Gelly Roll Pens on Paper, 2015

This is a drawing I made with one of my favorite artists, Frances Marin. You can see her work at www.francesmarin.com

To make this drawing, we had rules. We followed the rules most of the time, broke them mistakenly sometimes, and disregarded them completely a couple of times.

There's a lot of spatial depth to the drawing, and the colors are very, very bright. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to color correct these photos to show how blinding the orange is, but the orange is loud and profane, and you'll like it! I like it. It's a ton of fun to look at, in my opinion. Hang it in your bedroom, your bathroom, or put it next to your computer at work. It's an original drawing, which is way cooler than your cubicle neighbor's cheap, faded, Breaking Bad fan art print.

Frame not included.