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Stuck Lonesome Cassette by Hank Richardson


2019 marks the 5-year anniversary of Hank Richardson's album, Stuck Lonesome. Though it's been out of print for a few years, we're happy to announce the re-stock of Stuck Lonesome on cassette tape. Anticipated ship date: mid-July, 2019.

"When I was making this album, I was living in San Francisco's Sunset District, listening to a lot of Roy Orbison, & drinking at Terry's Lodge. These songs were recorded in my bedroom, practice space, and even a rented room at a Chinese children's music academy on Irving street. I wanted the whole thing to feel like being on a nice vacation — one that you're thankful for & lucky to be on — but also feeling low & down because you're maybe in exile or running away from your problems"

- Hank Richardson

IG: @suitorsclub